CBDiablo – 1g CBD Crumble (800mg CBD)


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CBDiablo – 1g CBD Crumble (800mg CBD)

  • 80% CBD Crumble / Wax
  • Broad Spectrum: CBD, CBDa, CBG – 0% THC
  • Lab Tested, Organic & Vegan Friendly
  • Ideal for Dabbing and DYI E-Liquid
  • Natural Strain Inspired Terpene Flavours

Our broad-spectrum CBD crumble has infused with natural terpene blends which have been inspired by some of the finest cannabis strains from planet earth. As soon as you crack the cap, the aromas burst out and fill your senses with joy.

Our exceptional CBD concentrates are broad-spectrum which means that they do not contain active levels of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC – you can enjoy the flavour and effect of CBD without the ‘high’. We have taken a whole load of time to research the best producers in Europe to develop our naturally terpene rich, and clean formula.

  • C02 Extraction Methods
  • Broad-Spectrum: CBD, CBG, CBC – 0% THC
  • Stardawg, Wedding Cake, Tangerine Dream, Mimosa and Zkittlez Inspired Terpene Blends
  • Clean, powerful flavour & Potnet Cannabinoid content
  • Perfect for Dabbing


Each 1ml Cartridge Contains: 1ml of Full-Spectrum cannabis C02 extracted distillate infused with natural plant terpenes and MCT oil.


CBD crumble can be dabbed (vaped) or added to an oil or cosmetic carrier. There are so many ways to use the concentrate that it will be hard to write it all down here. Check out youtube for some dabbing, and infusion tutorials.



CBDiablo are a retailer of unquestionable quality CBD products and donate 20% of their profits to CALMzone. Their CBD products range from CBD oils, gummies, extracts, dabs and vape pens.

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Stardawg, Wedding Cake, Tangerine Dream, Mimosa, Zkittlez


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